First Baptist Church of Davis, California

Our Purpose & Values

We are a COMMUNITY, helping everyone: discover FAITH in Jesus,
grow in LOVE for God and others,
live as ambassadors of HOPE by the power of the Spirit

Value 1 | Kingdom Minded

We value joining God in seeing his kingdom come. We believe God’s aim in Jesus is to redeem and renew people and the world that will be completed when Christ appears again. So we are concerned and mindful about God’s work in our corner and in his greater kingdom in this world, and sending people in ministry here, near and far.

Value 2 | Relational

We value relational connections with one another as essential for human thriving as well as spiritual transformation. We count relationships as central environments and vehicles for ministry to be done and for transformation to happen.

Value 3 | Prayerful

We value prayer and dependence on God because apart from him we can do nothing. We seek God in prayer to live in him and to be led by him, trusting that he will empower us, and go beyond us to surprise with what only he can do.

Value 4 | Applicable

We value connecting faith to everyday life with God. We pursue Christ by integrating our faith with our hearts, heads and hands.

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Map to FBC Davis

38141 Russell Blvd.
Davis, CA 95616
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