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We want to partner with you in helping your kids mature and thrive. Join us in this vision! (Download Our Vision for Kids + Teens pdf)

To help achieve this vision, we offer Sunday school classes for nursery through 6th grade. In addition, we have special events and exciting summer programs for children of all ages. For more information, contact Vanessa O'Brien (Children's Director).


We have many ways that you can minister to children! You can help out or teach in a classroom on Sunday mornings, do behind-the-scenes preparations, or volunteer to help at one of our special events. For more information, contact Vanessa O'Brien (Children's Director).

Sunday Mornings

Welcome to church online! We will be providing printables for kids by Fridays that parents can print out to encourage kids to participate while watching the Sunday service videos.

Download FBC Kids Printables

FBC Kids is currently not meeting on Sunday mornings. We are making a plan to re-start our kids groups, and we will let you know as soon as we can! We love you and are praying for you all.

Tips and ideas:

  • Prior to Sunday Morning
    1. Print out the Scripture Page for all Elementary aged kids (K-6th) to reference and keep as their own!
    2. PRINT out all of the activity pages that correspond to your child's age group (Early Childhood or Elementary. Please check out the "All Ages" tab for extra coloring pages)
    3. Write the name of your children on the worksheet(s) that correspond to them and their age group. This will help you pass them out easily on Sunday morning!
    4. Gather Supplies ie. markers, color pencils, crayons, pens and pencils, erasers
  • On Sunday Morning
    1. Set up your supplies where your family will be worshipping
    2. Keep activity pages hidden on Sunday morning until after the scripture reading happens
    3. Give each K-6th grade child their personal scripture page (You may want to print some extras out if you have little ones that have older siblings and want to have their own)
    4. Have your child follow along with you as the scripture is read aloud
    5. Hand them their activity pages, explain the activity if you have to
    6. Let them fill out, color and show you their work. They will feel a lot of pride and joy and will most likely seek words of affirmation. So instead of trying to keep them quiet during the sermon use phrases like
      • WOW I love the colors you used!
      • You are so good at drawing!
      • Good job buddy that is looking so good!
      • WOW your Sunday School teacher is going to love this! Lets send them a picture of your hard work!
    7. If they have a hard time with their activity you can use these phrases to affirm their feelings and struggle
      • I am so sorry this is so hard for you. Would you like my help?
      • I know this didn't turn out the way you wanted it to but look at how your personality shines with your color choices! This is how God created us to shine and be different!
      • Its okay to cry if you're frustrated but I really do love how beautiful this looks or how far you have gotten all on your own. Why don't we finish it together?
    8. Take a picture of what Sunday service looks for you and share on our FBC Davis Facebook page!

REMEMBER: You may pause the sermon whenever you need to. These are resources and you may use any and all of them if you choose to do so. God is pleased with you all no matter what this looks like for you and your family. Remember that we are seeking progress not perfection and you can remind your kiddos of this same truth!

Note: We have provided answer keys for the word search, word scramble and word search. You may help your child by referencing to it or allow them to correct their own work when they are done or almost done.

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