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Home Groups

At FBC we believe that small groups provide the best place to experience meaningful community and growth.  It’s one thing to attend a church, it’s another thing to feel like you belong.  At FBC, home groups provide the context for developing friendships, celebrating life, and encouraging one another on in our faith. 

Home Groups are not only a place to belong; they are a place to become.

3 Dimensional Groups

The 3 movements of group life are up, out, and in.  Our home groups move upward by uniting group members together in worship and prayer.  They move inward as group members build one another up through encouragement, love, and support.  Finally, at FBC we encourage each group to have an outward movement of caring about and meeting the needs of our hurting world.

Life Together

Home groups have both a formal and informal quality.  One the one hand, home groups meet regularly for worship, learning from God’s word, and mutual encouragement.  At the same time, there are many interactions that take place outside regular group meetings.  BBQs, birthday parties, and conversations over coffee are just some of the informal happenings of group life.

Unity in Diversity

Another distinguishing mark of FBC’s home groups are their diversity.  As an example, many of the groups are intergenerational, involving people of various ages and life stages.  The resulting diversity can be a powerful avenue for experiencing the unity of the Christian community.  Some of our groups involve both adults and children.  In those groups children learn from watching adults grow in their faith and adults benefit from the fresh ways that kids approach life and faith.

Throughout our region, dozens of groups meet in homes for worship, encouragement, and service.  For more information or to join a group, email .

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