First Baptist Church of Davis, California

Youth Leader Badges!

Hold and save these images on your phone and send them to youth leaders who you think deserve them... or text a little group-text humble-brag if you earned a badge yourself! And stay tuned... there might be stickers.

  • Lighthouse Leader Badge

    You're a Lighthouse Leader! You are amazing for giving your time and energy to help youth encounter Jesus and bless the world! Once you've earned this, everything else is just a bonus!

  • The "I Showed Up" Badge

    You've showed up for Sunday mornings, Big Group, and other Lighthouse events! Your presence is so important!

  • Terrific Teamwork Badge

    You've drawn in students to lead or serve with you - leading a small group, welcoming a new student, leading from up front, serving communion, etc.! Look at you fulfilling our goal and purpose!

  • High-flyin' Hangout Badge

    You've hung out with a student outside of formal Lighthouse events! Now that's dedication to give up your personal time to serve and be with students!

  • Crikey, You Contacted a Student Badge

    You have written, called, emailed, texted, Snapped, Kikked, messaged, or otherwise personally contacted an individual student! You are awesome for taking the time to reach out!

  • Way-to-go Welcoming Badge

    Welcoming willikers! You took the time to engage with a new student! (Bonus Terrific Teamwork Badge if you did this with another regular student!)

  • Practically Perfect Praying Badge

    You took the time to pray for students, their families, other leaders, and/or Lighthouse/FBC! God hears you and is pleased with you, plus you get this virtual high-five!

  • Sensational Teen Supporter Badge

    You took extra time to support a teen at one of their events (sports, performance, birthday party, court hearing)! You are being incarnational by going to where they are! You are JUST LIKE JESUS!

  • Encouragement Excellence Badge

    You exercised encouragement to a student, parent, or youth leader through verbal or written words! Great job in speaking God's truth to them!

  • Family-of-God Builder Badge

    You went "out of the box" and intentionally spent time or talked to a student who is not in your small group! You are helping to create more bonds across Lighthouse and help students feel more part of the family of God!

  • Limitless Learning Badge

    You took the time to read a book, article, or other resource that helps you to be a better youth leader! Look at you being serious about your craft and role!

  • The Gold Star Badge

    You did something that was super above and beyond typical youth-leader status. You truly showed the self-sacrificial spirit of Christ by doing this. We recognize that and celebrate you!!

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